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5183d3 5183d3 English Elm
7' 3" 32" $759.00 1 1/4" 28" 26" 42" b4-11-a12/2 Due to wormy edges and a light sticker stain, this slab has been discounted 15%. This slab also has nice grain!




Front of slab. The slab in this picture has been sprayed with denatured alcohol to exhibit its color and grain.


There are injection holes on the bottom of this slab, as well as checking in this slab, a few bark inclusions scattered throughout, a large crack at the bottom center of the slab, light figure at the top of the slab, and a light sander burn at the top of the slab. There is also some decay in this slab. Please take note of the darker "striped" areas across the slab – this is staining from stickers that are placed between two slabs while they are air drying before being processed in our vacuum kiln; generally the staining is too deep to sand out.



Back of slab

Inventory > English Elm > item #5183d3