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Triplochiton Scleroxylon
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Origin: Also known as Obeche or African Whitewood, Ayous is found primarily in the West African countries of Nigeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Color: Generally, the heartwood and sapwood of Ayous is not clearly defined from one another. The color can range from a pale straw-like color to a yellow-brown to a creamy white-yellow.

Janka Hardness: 430 (soft)  Similiar to Basswood.

Decay and Weather Resistance: Both the heartwood and sapwood of Ayous is not resistant to termite or other insect attacks and is susceptible to fungi attack.  It is also not resistant to decay.

Workability: Rated as an easy to work with wood; Ayous glues and nails easily and works well with stain. It is generally good for carving, but too soft for hand-turning

Uses: Ayous is commonly used in boat building, cabinet making, veneer, moulding, and furniture.


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