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Betula alleghaniensis
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Origin: Birch is found in the northeastern part of North America from the Great Lake states, through the Appalachians and all the way up to Canada.

Color: The light reddish brown heartwood is referred to as Red Birch and the cream colored sapwood is referred to as White Birch. Occasionally figured pieces are available with a wide, shallow curl or flame.

Janka Hardness: 1260 (medium)

Decay and Weather Resistance: Low decay resistance and can rot if exposed to the elements. 

Workability: Birch is a very heavy, strong wood; it dries slowly with little defects however it has moderately high shrinkage and is susceptible to movement. It works well with both hand and machine tools, but pre-boring is advised. It has good bending properties and shock resistance. It turns, glues, and finishes well.

Uses: Because of its properties and being readily available, Birch has a wide range of uses including fine furniture, millwork, boxes and crates, kitchen cabinets, turnings, and toys


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