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Guarea spp.
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(1 ½")
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Origin – Bosse is found in Africa – Primarily the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Color – It has a nice light golden color and is often called white mahogany due to its similarities to Mahogany.

Janka Hardness - 940 (medium-hard)

Decay and Weather Resistance – Rated as durable and decay resistant.

Workability - Bosse is a very durable wood and when dry a very stable wood. It dries well with little warping but has a tendency to check. It is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. It glues well but only stains well if using a wood filler. When finishing take care, since the dust can be an irritant.

Uses – It is used for a wide variety of items including furniture, boats, cabinets, veneer, flooring, and turnings.

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