Inventory - Species:
Hard Maple
acer saccharum

DESCRIPTION – Hard Maple is also called Sugar or Rock Maple.  The sapwood varies from white to a creamy white color and the heartwood is light reddish brown.  Pores are extremely small and not visible. Although, generally straight grained, hard maple occasionally occurs with a curly, birdseye , blister, burly or fiddleback figure.


PROPERTIES – Hard Maple is heavy, averaging 3.6 pounds per board foot when kiln dried.  Strong and stiff, it has high resistance to shock.  Although it has large shrinkage and presents some difficulties in drying, the wood can be satisfactorily seasoned.  The wood takes stain satisfactorily and is capable of a high polish.  The wood turns well on a lathe, is markedly resistant to abrasive wear, and is without characteristic taste or odor.  It has poor resistance to decay.


USES – Because of its excellent durability hard maple is especially suited for items such as bowling alleys, dance and gym floors, cutting boards, counter tops and bar tops.  It has also recently become popular for making high end baseball bats. Because most large maple logs have some type of figure they make interesting tables, headboards and bar tops.


HARD MAPLE SLABS WE NORMALLY STOCK – Hard Maple trees grow quite large therefore we usually have slabs in stock up to 40” wide and often over 48”.



Maple, Hard
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