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Guibourtia spp.
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Origin: Bubinga is found primarily in Central Africa, especially Cameroon and the Congo.

Color: The sapwood is a creamy off-white to light tan color. The heartwood ranges from a pinkish red to a rich reddish-brown color. Bubinga is very frequently seen with a variety of figure when the brown grain is interlocking and creates wavy, motion like figuring.  Figures include pommele, quilted, molted, and waterfall; it can be truly impressive.

Janka Hardness: 1980 (hard)

Decay and Weather Resistance: It is rated as being moderately durable to very durable to decay resistance.  It is reportedly resistant to termite and marine borer attack.

Weather Resistance: Moderate to durable decay resistance.

Workability: Bubinga, overall, is easy to work with but may prematurely dull cutting edges. Slabs with interlocking grain or figure can result in tearout during planning or other machining operations. Gluing can sometimes be problematic because of the wood’s high density and natural oils.

Uses: Since Bubinga tends to be very wide and a hard wood it is very popular for high-end table and bar tops. It is also used for turnings, instrument wood, flooring, and veneer.


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