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Eastern Cottonwood
Populus Deltoides
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Cottonwood, Eastern

Cottonwood, Eastern

Populus Deltoides

Origin: Eastern Cottonwood can be found in North America, from Quebec all the way to Texas.

Color: The sapwood is typically a pale yellow to off-white and the heartwood is a light brown; it is not clearly defined, the two tend to gradually blend into each other.

Janka Hardness: 430 (soft). Similiar in hardness to Basswood.

Decay and Weather Resistance: Eastern Cottonwood is rated as being non-durable and susceptible to insect attack.

Workability: Because it is so soft, Eastern Cottonwood is easily worked with both by hand and machine tools. It must be carefully dried to prevent warping and responds poorly to steam bending. It does not split easily, glues well, and finishes well.

Uses: It is primarily used for building boxes and crates, bee hives, inexpensive furniture parts, and various utility purposes.


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